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 Relief News
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Save the Children Sweden launches mine risk awareness television spots
Posted on: 7/24/2007 12:22:00 PM

Save the Children Sweden is launching two animation television spots on Mine Risk Awareness aimed for children. The two 40-second cartoon-spots will be broadcast approximately 100 times for at least 4 weeks beginning the 22nd of July 2007 on Spacetoon Kids TV and local TV channels. With the beginning of summer, many families return to their homes in the South for vacations in areas that were targeted during the war, these spots serve as an important reminder to children and parents of the remaining threat posed by explosive remnants of war (ERW), including cluster and other bombs.


According to the National Demining Office 6 children have been killed and 68 injured in explosions of ERW following the July 2006 war; children between the age of 13 and 18 constituted the majority of dead and injured To address this continuing threat to children's lives, Save the Children, with funding from Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) through Save the Children Canada, has worked with the National Demining Office, the Landmine Resource Center at Balamand University, and Spacetoon to produce two child-friendly ERW awareness cartoons to be shown on television. "Children are the most at risk of death or injury from unexploded cluster bombs, because they are more curious and less cautious than adults ... that’s why it's important for us to constantly remind children and their parents of this danger" said Mazen Haber managing the Early Recovery Program at Save the Children Sweden.


Lebanese officials have stated that Israel dropped over one million cluster and other bombs on Lebanon, often attractively shaped and brightly colored-like toys. Mazen Haber stressed that parents play a key role in educating their children about the danger of cluster bombs, "many parents are not playing an active role in influencing their children's safe-behavior and increasing their awareness of how dangerous these cluster bombs are...they can cost them their lives, or paralyze them for life." Haber continued to explain that in the South one can find many unsafe behaviors such as children collecting cluster bombs and parents displaying unexploded ordnances in their homes.


100 billboards on mine risk awareness will be exhibited around Lebanon at the same time that the TV Spots will be shown as part of the ongoing efforts by Save the Children Sweden to increase awareness amongst children of the continuous threat of ERW. Save the Children-Sweden has ongoing mine risk awareness activities with local partners since last summer's war. In addition, Save the Children Sweden has contributed to the Landmine Resource Center at Balamand University in releasing a special edition of their child friendly Noor and Noura magazine, in English, French, and Arabic, on Mine Risk Education that will be distributed in summer camps and schools. The mine risk awareness spots can be found on Save the Children Sweden's website CD copies of the animation spots and copies of Noor and Noura may be picked-up from the Save the Children Sweden Regional Office in Beirut.


Save the Children Sweden fights for children's rights. We deliver immediate and lasting improvements to children's lives worldwide.


Our vision is a world in which all children's rights are fulfilled.


Save the Children Sweden works for a world:


- Which respects and values each child .

- Which listens to children and learns

- Where children have hope and opportunity


Save the Children Sweden defines children as everyone under the age of 18 years old, in accordance to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. (Save the Children Alliance)


For more information contact


Edith E. Karam – Regional Communications Officer

Save the Children Sweden

Phone: +961 1 738 654/5

Fax: +961 1 739 023



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